The Photographers Series – Imanol Miranda – Ben Briones Studios

Yesterday, I began my video series tentatively titled The Photographers, which will focus on telling the stories of local photographers in the Rio Grande Valley. My goal for this project is to tell your story (photographers reading this). The photo industry in the Rio Grande Valley is growing rapidly.  As photographers, we should see each other as a community and not competition. Don’t get me wrong, if you run a photography business you are competing but we cannot forget our to share about our passion for the craft as well. Many of you are inspirations to others in the industry and even to strangers who follow your Facebook page. I want extent an invitation to any photographer who would be willing to tell their story, if that’s you, please fill out the contact form under the video.

Thank You!


I had the privilege of interviewing Imanol Miranda a local McAllen photographer working on a series titled Mexican American Photo Project. Today I debut that video. Enjoy!



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  1. […] at some very cool and special places to me and them. C. I gained two new friends. My best friend Imanol Miranda had a photography art show in Austin and I invited Deedee & Manny, and they actually went, […]


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