Make To-Do-Lists and Do!


As a small business owner you have to organize your thoughts and task or else you will fail!


Thoughts and tasks only manifest when they are visual. When you can see it then you can do it.

I use my iPhone 4S Notes App to make my to-do-list. Before I was cool with an “i” product I would physically write my to-do-list on Moleskin note pads. You’re welcome to use paper and pen but if you have a cell-phone then you have no excuses not to write down your thoughts and tasks.

I make a to-do-list every other day because I have so many ideas and too many tasks to mentally track. Once I type them out on my phone I email that list to myself and print it. The printed form allows me to SCRATCH OUT items as I complete them so I can see progress.

DOING = PROGRESS = SUCCESS = MONEY IN YOUR POCKET (or whatever you value as success)

If you want your photography business to succeed WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING!

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