The Photographers Series – Mikey Sanchez – Ben Briones Studios

Mikey was one of those photographers I secretly followed because his work  is very unique. One day I decided I wanted to meet the guy so I invited him to participate in The Photographers Series and I am so glad I did because his interview was so refreshing. This kid has ambition and the drive it takes to build a photography brand. He reminded me of 2007-2008 Ben Briones; always on the go letting nothing stand on my way. Based on his Facebook pages he has a good following and that’s wonderful for a young brand. Mikey said something very powerful that I also believe in one-hundred percent. “There is no one else out there like you and that’s what makes you special; not only as an artist but as a photographer. So once you find what makes you special as a photographer it’s up to you to zone in on it and own it…” Lets lend our eyes and ears to this ambitious artist. I present to you Mikey Sanchez, owner and photographer of Infinite Productions and Infinite Magazine.

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