Leo & Laura Vintage Wedding – Mcallen, Texas – Ben Briones Studios

Leo and Laura as a unit are so much fun! Individually they have their own spark as well! Leo is such a sweet guy with relaxing personality. The bride, Laura, is vibrant and exciting. I really love how they compliment each other. I really got to see this beautiful couple work as a unit when I shot their engagement session back in January at the Memory Lane Photo Spot!

Building a relationship with your client is crucial to producing great wedding photos. I really felt we build some good trust after meeting quite a few times. Laura and I even did a bridal session which really got me to feel a closer connection with her as the bride. In the photography industry we all know we have to be on the bride’s good side! Leo and Laura as a unit are just amazing. I feel blessed that I was able to capture such an important mile stone in their lives.

This couple went all out on their wedding. They picked one of my favorite wedding venues in the Rio Grande Valley, Valencia Event Center. Leo, being a rocker, added his touch for the love of music into the wedding details. The wedding had this elegant yet vintage feel to it. This McAllen, Texas wedding had a lot of DIY feels and was very relaxed. I present to you Leo & Laura’s Wedding.

Photo Credit: Jessica Musick, Ben Briones

valencia wedding venue valencia event center vintage wedding ben briones photography mcallen wedding photographerLeo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-2 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-3 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-4 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-5 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-6 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-7 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-8Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-14 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-15 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-16 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-17 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-18 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-19 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-20 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-9Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-11Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-10Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-13Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-12Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-21 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-22 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-23 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-24 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-25 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-26 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-27 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-28 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-29 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-30 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-31 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-32 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-33 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-34 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG1_BenBrionesStudios-35 Leo&LauraWedding_BLOG2_BenBrionesStudios-1

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