Ruben Lowing – Valley LED Solutions – Ben Briones Studios

Late Night Business Portrait

On Monday night our church called a general assembly and that day a fellow church brother, Ruben Lowing, needed a ride to and from church. Mr. Ruben is a character. He has so many interesting stories. This man has was a United States Navy Seal, a Navy Boxer, a realtor in California, a finance advisor, and know the owner of a successful LED lighting business known as Valley LED Solutions.

Well that Monday night on our ride back home from the church meeting he asked If I was interested in seeing some of this LED products at a local freight company in Pharr, Texas. I agreed to check them out and when we arrived Ruben got off the car and started taking photos with his cell phone. I sat in the car watching him happily take photos of his product and some of himself. As I watched this unfold sitting in my car I began thinking, “You’re a photographer with professional camera gear in your car. Why don’t you help him out?”

Ruben came back into the car and I asked him, “Would you like for me to take a portrait of you with my camera?” He responded, “I forgot who I was in the car with.” We both stepped out of the car and I grabbed my Canon 6D and an 85mm and went to work. Breaking that barrier of laziness was the result of this nice simple late night spontaneous portrait of Mr. Ruben Lowing proud owner of Valley LED Solutions.


Ruben is the owner of Valley LED Solutions, which services residential and commercial LED lighting around the Rio Grande Valley.

Ruben Lowing
Valley Led Solutions

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