Rami & Sarah Wedding – McAllen, Texas -Ben Briones Studios

Rami has been one of my best friends since high school. We may not hangout daily, weekly or even see each other in months but the friendship we built is solid. I love he bro, he’s an amazing guy! So when I found out that he was a day or two away from his wedding and didn’t have a wedding photographer you best believe I threw myself at him. I wasn’t going to let my bro get married without have someone to capture his story.

The wedding was intamite, elegant and so much fun. Sarah, you married a great guy! According to Rami it was very unplanned. He had told us it was going to be a court wedding and a dinner and this was practically a mini ball but it was awesome!

I present to you my best friends wedding story through my eyes!

2.FEB.17_Ramiro Sarah Wedding_BBS-9718_BLOG

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